What is HUG-A-BEAR™?

HUG-A-BEAR™ is a foundation that reaches children in heartbreaking traumatic situations and provides them with a little HUG-A-BEAR™ to hug for comfort and security. The foundation engages the communities in fund raising to purchase and outfit little HUG-A-BEARS™. Once they are ready for distribution they are transported in duffel bags to state police, fire and rescue squads, shelters, emergency rooms, pediatric centers, American Red Cross, Children Bereavement Camp, children of deployed military families, court appointed special advocates for children, children in courts, adoptions etc., county surrogate and other child advocate organizations. The first responders are given a duffel bag of bears for each of their patrol vehicles.

The HUG-A-BEAR Foundation™ created four mascots to help deliver the little HUG-A-BEARS™ and delight children they visit. First, there was HUG-A-BEAR™ then came HONEY-A-BEAR™ and in 2010, we introduced the brand new twin cubs, HELP-A-BEAR™ and HAND-A-BEAR™. They also make public appearances, walk in parades, and take an active role in the fund raising events. They give hugs and autographs, and they dance. The Bear Entourage always warms the heart and brings a smile to everyone they meet from 1 year- to 100 years-old.

In Life We See So Many Enormous Human Needs


The HUG-A-BEAR Foundation™ works with many volunteers to bring about the goals we have for the children. You can volunteer, help get the bears ready for distribution, lend your talent to help at our events. Help deliver little bears with the mascots. Do a fund raiser, help us identify organizations that could benefit from the HUG-A-BEAR™ program. Make a donation to sponsor bears, a children’s event or for maintenance of the mascots.

All volunteers must have HUG-A-BEAR™ training.

Want to get in touch with the folks at HUG-A-BEAR™? You can reach Diane Kolman at (856) 455-6633 or by email at dequestrian1@aol.com. We can also be reached by email at hugabearfoundation@gmail.com and by mail at:

HUG-A-BEAR Foundation, Inc.
74 Washington Street,
Bridgeton, NJ 08302

  • The HUG-A-BEAR™ Poem

    HUG-A-BEARS™ are made not born,
    They grow from seeds of love into
    The threads of caring that
    HUG-A-BEAR™ fabric is made of;
    They are stuffed with the softest
    Angel down from heaven (or close by)
    And stitched with silver needles from
    Cloud linings in the sky.
    Their noses are roast chestnuts from
    Many a years past,
    Their eyes are favorite marbles
    Children long ago have cast;
    But a HUG-A-BEAR™ is not a HUG-A-BEAR™
    Until he belongs to you,
    Until he’s shared your fears and joys and
    Tears, and loved you long and true.
    For no matter where they come from,
    However soft they feel, it’s love
    That makes a HUG-A-BEAR™
    And love that makes him real!

    — Author Unknown