HUG-A-BEAR™Premier Sponsor Walmart’s Manager Janet Halter shares the passion for HUG-A-BEAR™:

“Having a special passion for children and bears brings us to a full circle of understanding of the HUG-A-BEAR™ program. The level of security and comfort felt when a child in a crisis snuggles with a little HUG-A-BEAR™ is beyond measure. The little face glows with contentment.

Walmart and Store Manager Janet Halter are proud to embrace HUG-A-BEAR™ and HONEY-A-BEAR™ and all the little hearts they touch through first responders, emergency rooms, Red Cross, child advocate organizations, state police, fire, rescue squads, and military families. It is heartwarming to know these great needs are being nurtured by the HUG-A-BEAR Foundation™.”

Bob Woodruff Sr., vice president of major sponsor Woodruff Energy has stated:

“Woodruff Energy is very excited to once again be a sponsor of the HUG-A-BEAR Foundation™. Over the years, this project has provided wonderful caring support to young children in traumatic situations with the distribution of these cuddly little bears. The reaction and stories from caregivers and from the kids are very heartwarming, and we are very happy to help support things like this.”

HUG-A-BEAR™Major sponsor Century Savings Bank’s President and CEO David Hemple shares his views:

“We are committed ‘Community Banking Plus,’ which means giving back to the families in the neighborhoods we serve. We are proud to assist the Bridgeton Rotary Foundation in achieving their goal of putting a HUG-A-BEAR™ in the arms of every child in a difficult situation. Although our hope is that no child experiences trauma in their young life, Century Savings Bank is honored to sponsor such a wonderful evening and support HUG-A-BEAR™, a worthy cause that touches young lives throughout Cumberland County by providing comfort when it is needed most.”

HUG-A-BEAR™South Jersey Healthcare First Responder and Bear Sponsor Chet Kaletkowski, President and CEO, states:

“In a hospital setting, where there is often good reason for a child to be sad, frightened, or both, any source of comfort is a blessing. That’s why South Jersey Healthcare is grateful to be a recipient of dozens of HUG-A-BEARS™ each year. Each time a nurse hands a HUG-A-BEAR™ to a young patient, we are making the hospital experience a little more bear-able.”