We will climb the highest mountain and cross the deepest blue sea to keep the HUG-A-BEAR Foundation™ in place for our children.

Alan Woodruff

J. Alan Woodruff


With 52 years in Rotary, I am proud to lead this wonderful HUG-A-BEAR Foundation™. We have touched the lives of thousands of children. We have all of the children in our hearts. HUG-A-BEAR™ is about making a difference for our children.

Alan be reached by email at gigiwood@aol.com.

Diane Kolman

Diane K. Kolman


Our goal is to get a little HUG-A-BEAR™ into the arms of every child in a heartbreaking traumatic situation. The little bears are hugged and serve as a symbol of comfort and security. We will secure and preserve HUG-A-BEAR™ for today’s children and future generations. THE BEST IS YET TO BE!

Diane be reached by email at dequestrian1@aol.com.

William Lomberk

William D. Lomberk


The testimonials and letters of gratitude are heartwarming. We know the great energy and effort of HUG-A-BEAR™ is in the right place.

William be reached by email at wdlcpapa@hotmail.com.

Frank Baitinger III

Frank P. Baitinger III


The need for HUG-A-BEAR™ is tremendous, and always will be. We need to brighten the lives of our children. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.

Frank be reached by email at FrankBaitinger@gmail.com.

Janet Halter


The level of security and comfort felt when a child in a crisis snuggles with a little HUG-A-BEAR™ is beyond measure. The little face glows with contentment. I am proud to embrace HUG-A-BEAR™, HONEY-A-BEAR™, HAND-A-BEAR™, and HELP-A-BEAR™ and all the little hearts they touch each and every day.

Janet be reached by email at janethalter@comcast.net.

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  • Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things in which smiles and kindness and small obligations, given habitually, are what win and preserve the heart and secure comfort.

    — Sir Humphry Davy