The little HUG-A-BEARS are one of the best developments in medical care for children. Children often come into the emergency rooms frightened, screaming and needing many levels of care. The little bears offer comfort and security. They help allow our medical teams to administer the care needed in emergency situations.

— Dr. Donato Terrigno,
South Jersey Healtchcare Emergency Room

These mighty little bears help the child to understand we are helping them. It is a ‘security blanket’ and allows the technician to accurately access and treat our little patients. Stocking teddy bears on our ambulances is as important as having gauze on hand. The little HUG-A-BEARS become an instant friend; they become the child’s very own superhero!
— Erica Hooven,
Millville Rescue Squad

The little HUG-A-BEARS given out serve always to bring about a calming effect upon the children we encounter in a crisis situation. HUG-A-BEAR always accomplishes that.
— Sgt., 1st class Gerald Kuhar,
NJ State Police

HUG-A-BEARS go a long way in the comfort of the children when they arrive. They snuggle with their little bear. It helps them to adapt to their new and different surroundings.
— Nicole Chiarelli,
Children Services Coordinator, MatriArk

HUG-A-BEARS bring about smiles; children open their arms for the little bears when all else fails.
— Ben Maldondono,
American Red Cross

In addition to bringing smiles and comfort to the children, little HUG-A-BEARS help bridge any gaps in the multilingual settings in which we work. HUG-A-BEAR is the universal communicator!
— Battalion Chief Todd Bowen,
Bridgeton Fire Co. EMS

HUG-A-BEAR is the best ever program.
— Chief Joe Parsons,
Seabrook Rescue

It has really been unbelievable to see what those little bears can mean to children in a difficult situation.
— Phil Van Leer,
Upper Deerfield Fire Co.

Children of HospiceCare embrace the little HUG-A-BEARS. It is very comforting to see how wonderfully the children’s eyes light up when someone helps them by presenting the HUG-A-BEARS.
— Dr. Frederick Goos,

I can only begin to tell you how much impact the little bears have made in the care we are able to administer when given to our child patients.
— Lissette Ruiz,
South Jersey Healthcare in representing Regional Medical Center, Pediatrics, Elmer emergency and Bridgeton emergency